Plum District $20 for a Full Box of Kids' Clothes + a One-Year Swapping Membership at thredUP

Plum District  is offering up $20 for a box of Kid's Clothes on thredUP and a full year membership.....this is normally $45 so you save 56%!

I have told you about the site ThredUP before- you can use it to swap gently worn kids’ clothes with others- I've used the service before and was very pleased!
Here's how it works:

When your closets are jam-packed with garbage bags, and the kids’ drawers are bare yet again, you can turn to thredUP for help. thredUP offers an innovative solution -a national online kids clothing swap! Customers can select a box of gently-used kids clothes on thredUP (typically 15-20 items!). Browse boxes by size, color, brand and style, and have that entire box sent for only $5 + shipping.

In turn, you offer up a box of your own used clothes, and can ship it to any interested parties for absolutely FREE! Need a last minute Halloween Costume? Parents are even swapping costumes on this fall!

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