You will need to sign up for an Extra Care Card to take advantage of these deals if you don't already have one!

What are ECB's? ECB's or Extra Care Bucks are basically cash back that can be used only at CVS. These will expire about a month after you receive them and can be used on anything in the store with the exception of prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco and stamps. If you lose them or they expire you're out of luck. Some CVS will allow you to use an expired ECB but that is not the norm.

How do you get ECB'S? When you purchase an item or item's that generate an ECB they will print at the end of your receipt providing you followed all the correct item advertised.

You can find what items will produce ECB's in their weekly ad. You can use coupons to bring down the cost of the item and which can sometimes make that item free or a money maker.

Example: Buy $20 dollars worth of Nivea products get back $5.00 in ECB...if you use $12 worth of coupons you are paying $8 and getting back $5 for a net cost of $3.

Magic Coupon Machine: Each CVS has a scanner, you can use it to scan your CVS card, it will print out coupons. If it prints out a generic coupon such as "$4 off any skin care purchase of $20 or more" you can use that in addition to your manufacturers coupons. If they happen to be having a deal on say Oil of Olay that week you've now can save an extra $4 off the top.

You can usually scan your card 1-3 times each never know what you're going to get!

Rolling Your ECB's: Unlike Walgreens you can use an unlimited number of ECB's you've earned to pay for your transactions. The name of the game is to get your total down as low as possible with coupons and then pay the remainder with ECB's and if you are buying items that produce ECB's you now have more to "roll into your next deal".