Getting Started

Walgreens 101

Walgreens offers register rewards (RR) for certain items each week, you will see these advertised in their local ad. showing the price of the item, the amount of Register Rewards you receive to use on your next purchase, and the “Like Paying” price after the Register Reward. In some cases you will get the entire purchase price back in the form of an RR.

You can use manufacturers coupons to bring your total down more. So for an example if  Colgate is on special this week for $2.99 get $2.00 back in a register reward and you use a $1 off coupon you've now technically gotten the product for free minus tax owed.

Stacking coupons at Walgreens

Stacking refers to using more then one coupon per item. Now you can't use 2 manufactures coupons for one item but you can use one Walgreens coupon and one manufacturers coupon.

Walgreens offers a monthly pamplet of store coupons it is usually located near the front of the store by the sales ad display. By stacking coupons you can get some great deals. Walgreens will also have store coupons in their ad each week.

The confusing part of Register Rewards

Register Rewards (RR) do not roll that means, you can’t use the RR you get from one item to buy another of that item (or even another item from the same manufacturer) and get another RR for that item. One way around this is to use the RR from one item to bring down the cost of another item from a different manufacturer. This is why you will often see people do multiple transactions at Walgreens.

Number of coupons and RR used

At Walgreens the number of coupons cannot exceed the number of items being purchased. Your RR is considered a coupon as well. You can however use as many "store coupons" as you want.

This is why you will see people use "fillers" at Walgreens. These are low priced items you throw in your order so that you may use some of those RR's.

I will often use the caramels up by the register to throw in so that I may use an RR or two to bring down my OOP (out of pocket) expense.

For the Locals

RR's can be used at Jewel, usually you can use an unlimited amount to bring down the cost of your grocery bill. If they give you a hassle point out that it says "manufacturers coupon" at the top. You can use these at Dominicks as well but they will usually limit you to one per transaction