My Towering Tower of Toilet Paper - Thanks Dominicks!

Well? did you get in on the Cottonelle Deal at Dominicks? (ended yesterday) I bet you can't guess if I did! Paid about $2 per 12-Roll after coupons and catalinas!

I was lucky enough to find the $2.00/1 Blinkies so I made out like a bandit....actually I have one more in the car but I was too darned pooped to make one more trip out for it!

The thing I like about these Toilet paper deals is I don't have to carry them down to the basement to my stockpile room...I just chuck them down the stairs...and darned if I don't have fun doing it!


Amber said...

LOL Nice! I wish we had stores that gave us deals like that here. :(

Bargain is the New Black Gal said...

What was the deal?? I totally missed it!

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