Miss Spider Spells Child Costume for just $3.99

You can get this Little Miss Spider Girls Costume for a steal.....this deal will last for the next 15 hours or until they sell out! It's priced at $3.99 (down from $44.99) that's 91% off!

Shipping starts at $4.99 and is FREE if you spend $40 with FREE40

To find it go here to Buycostumes.com---> Then click on the red sale tab and then click on the "Five deals under 5" Graphic on left side of page!

Take a look around once you're there, you'll find some great deals! And don't forget this is a good time of year to replenish the dress-up drawer!


martha said...

Hey what website is this for? The links not working for me.

Rita said...

Sorry! Link should be fixed now...that's what I get for typing at the speed of light!

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