Kid's just when your ready to.....

Kid's just when you're ready to send them back where they came from (in our case that would be totally doable)....or stick them out on the curb with a "Take me Free sign" or move when they're at school and not leave a forwarding address....well you get the idea! They can drive you nuts.

That's when they do something that extends their little lives!

I found this in my daughters school folder: "Dear Mom and Dad I love you All Day Long!"

Apparently she made this of her own accord at school. This made my heart melt and of course as is usual for being a Mom made me feel guilty as hell for not having more patience and for not spending more time with her! She just might get a build a bear out of me for this one!

I'm saving this to show her when she's twelve and thinks I'm the devil and ruining her life!


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