For the Movie Buffs! 20 Pack of Boris Karloff Movies $4.99 Shipped

If you're an old movie buff like me then you will appreciate this deal! Especially now that we're right around the corner from Halloween...I predict I'll be having a Boris Karloff Marathon at my house Halloween Weekend!

They are not all Horror films but they're all Boris! Go here for the deal  --->

1. Ape, The
2. Bells, The
3. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
4. Doomed to Die
5. Dynamite Dan (Silent)
6. Fatal Hour, The
7. His Majesty, The American
8. Island Monster, The
9. Juggernaut
10. King of the Wild
11. Last of the Mohicans, The
12. Mr. Wong in Chinatown
13. Mr. Wong, Detective
14. Mystery of Mr. Wong, The
15. Sabaka
16. Snake People
17. Terror, The
18. Veil, The - Destination Nightmare
19. Veil, The - Genesis
20. Veil, The - Jack the Ripper


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