Dishwasher Magic - Try it FREE!

The next time you're at the store you may want to cruise down to the cleaning aisle and look near the dishwashing detergent for Dishwasher Magic - I found them at 2 Jewel Grocery stores but you may find them in your local store as well!

This costed me $4.99 and the rebate is up to $4.00 so just $.99 after rebate!

Only specially marked bottles are eligible as they have the promos printed on them!

This is a paperless rebate! Just go to and enter promo code: DWM001

You will then have to enter your contact information and another promo-code and rebate code, and the UPC #.

You'll want to save your receipt as they may ask you to prove you bought it! One per household.

This worked great on our dishwasher, took out all the hard water stains and the water flow was increased after because hard water deposits had clogged some of our sprayers!


Anonymous said...

got my refund check last week and put the magic to work in the dishwasher and it does look whiter!

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