Beauty and the Beast BluRay/DVD Combo pk only $4.99!!

Here is a great deal for the Beauty and the Beast BluRay/DVD combo pack being released Tuesday October 5th. You'll have to do some legwork though!

Here's how to work the deal:
  1. Purchase Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack with free Princess CD at Target for $24.99 or elsewhere if same price or less!
  2. Use the $10 printable coupon here --->  Pay $14.99
  3. Photocopy the receipt
  4. Purchase 3 Campbells Condensed kids soups or Spaghetti O's pasta (You can save $1/3 with this printable coupon)
  5. Purchase 2 Western Bagel products (go here for locations - just choose your state)
  6. Remove one of the 2 purchase tabs from the back of the movie and mail it and the original receipt along with your Campbell’s receipt and UPC and this form to receive $5 back
  7. Mail the other purchase tab and the photocopied receipt (it is listed on the rebate as being accepted) plus your Western Bagel UPCs and receipt and this form to receive another $5 back
  8. Total: $4.99 plus the cost of the Campbell’s and Western Bagel products
Thanks Couponing to Disney & Savings & Stewardship!


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