Zone Perfect - Live but Expieriencing Technical Difficulties!

Okay, it's live but not working! I suggest posting to their wall so they know you tried!

You might want to head on over and "Like" Zone Perfect ----> See why below!

All October Zone Perfect will be celebrating National Cookie Month and their new and delicious Cookie Dough Nutrition Bars with a month of great Cookie Doughlicious Surprises!

Go to their Facebook page on Thursday, September 30 at 3pm ET because the first 40,000 fans to enter will discover the first of many Cookie Doughlicious Surprises.

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ZonePerfect said...

Thanks for getting the word out about our Cookie Dough Nutrition Bar giveaway at We only have 10,000 free bars to go before we reach 40,000, so you and your readers can head to the Surprises Tab on our Facebook page to request your Free ZonePerfect Cookie Dough Bar Sample Now! ~Jane at ZonePerfect

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