Walgreens - Tilex and Clorox Wipes Producing Bonus RR!

It's being reported that an exta $2 RR is printing out with the following scenarios! This may only work through today...as if it's a glitch..they will usually have it fixed by Monday a.m!

Clorox Wipes 
Buy (2) Clorox Wipes @ 2/$5
Use (2) – $1/1 Clorox Wipes from Facebook here --->
Pay $3 get (2) $2 RR's
Final Price = $1.00 MM!

Buy (2) Tilex @ 2/$5
Use 2-$1/1 Tilex here --->
or here --->
Pay $3 get (2) $2 RR's
Final Price = $1.00 MM!

Thanks Leslie!

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Isa said...

Not a glitch--there's a sign on the shelf saying it's a catalina.

Melissa said...

Just tried it--unfortunately the glitch has been fixed!

Rita said...

Crap! I knew I should have dragged my lazy ass out last night!

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