Pringles - It was a Facebook Scam

If you signed up for the "Free" Full Size can of Pringles yesterday I just found out it was a scam. Apparently someone took some time and effort on this one. I apologize for posting it, I do my best to only put up legitimate offers but the "bad guys" are getting craftier by the day!

Here is how to remove the application it put on your account:
  1. Log into your Facebook Account
  2. Click on "Account"
  3. On the drop down click on "Application Settings"
  4. Look for "Pringles Extreme" and hit the X button to remove it
  5. As long as you are there remove anything else you may not want!
Sorry! I guess us bloggers will have to really keep our eyes open....and please let me know if something I post seems fishy looking!


Leigh said...

Thanks for confirming what I heard and read. This makes me sick. I hope our readers will forgive us for the error while trying to bring them deals before supplies run out.
Linked back to you too.

Anonymous said...

We FB fans still love you. It's not your fault that people have time to sit and concoct things like this up. We are probably paying his rent, utilities, and maybe even his groceries. You think. Sorry, that was mean. Hummmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alert on this scam. Did you report this scam directly to FB?

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