Kohls - Big One Bath Towels, Hand Towels & Wash Cloths 10% + 20% + FREE Shipping!

20% off coupon code ended yesterday! Try using: 15% code FUN15KCThe Big One bath and hand towels, as well as washcloths, are on sale. In addition to the sale price 10% comes off once you put them in your cart.

The Bathtowels drop down to $3.00, Hand Towels: $1.80 and Wash Cloths: $1.00 once you put them in your cart.  Plus use the codes below to shave an extra 20% off + FREE Shipping

Then use coupon code: FORUONLY for 20% off and coupon code: SHIPFREE for free shipping!

Go here to get started --->

Yeah! I just orderd 13 Bath Towels for $33.15 shipped....that's $2.55 per towel!


Leah W said...

thanks for the tip! i just ordered mine!

Anonymous said...

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