Join Biore in Your City for a FREE Physique 57 Class & Get a FREE Gift!

Sign up with Biore for a Great FREE workout and learn how to reduce your chances of post-workout blemishes. Everyone who attends will receive a free sample of Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes to use.

All sessions are absolutely free!

September 20th New York CLASSES FULL
September 23rd Miami Beach
September 28th Seattle
September 30th Portland
October 5th Chicago (several class times available at Dance Spa 1890 N. Milwaukee)
October 7th Austin
October 13th Philadelphia
October 14th Washington, DC
October 19th San Francisco
October 21st San Diego

Go here for additional information and to sign up --->

What is a Physique 57 Class:

Physique 57™ is an effective workout system in New York City and Los Angeles. It is a focused and proven cardiovascular program of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. Physique 57™ tones your seat, abdominals, thighs and arms; strengthens your legs and back; and improves posture to produce a beautiful, sexy body.


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