Jewel - Rose's Sliced Canadian Bacon

This week at Jewel Rose's Sliced Canadian Bacon is on Sale BOGO at $4.89 so about $2.45 each! Although there are no coupons out there for this, this is a decent deal.

Canadian bacon is a healthier alternative to traditional bacon. It is 97% fat free!

I wait for these to go BOGO then stock the freezer! We use it all the time for:
  • Homeade Egg McMuffins:
    We either fry up and egg or use one of those microwave egg cookers, warm up the canadian bacon, toast and english muffin, slap on some cheese and voila! an Egg McMuffin!

    These are great for quick easy weekday breakfasts we also eat these when we go camping!
  • Diced and Sliced
    We dice and slice this and add to scrambled eggs, quiches and omelette's!
  • Pizza ToppingGreat topping for pizza!
  • Another Quick Breakfast Idea:
    Throw an english muffin in the toaster oven topped with canadian bacon and a slice of cheese until melted and toasted to your liking. Serve with a side of fruit for a healthy breakfast!
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