How to Save on Halloween Costumes!

In case you have not been paying attention Halloween has turned into "big business! Kid's costumes have become more elaborate and certainly more expensive. Even suggesting a homemade costume to a child over 3 is a recipe for disaster. However there are some great way's to save!

  1. Thred UP!
    Have you heard of it? It's a Kid's clothing swap site! Go here to sign up ---> Then go to "browse boxes"....once there choose Halloween from the specialty menu. If you find a box that interests you you'll pay $5 plus shipping!
  2. Craigslist
    This site can be hit or miss. The best way to get a "hit" is to browse often as new items are put up all the time. Just go to then look for the search box on the left and search "Halloween Costumes" you can add a size to narrow down the list. Make sure choose for sale from the drop down so that you are searching in the for sale section!
  3. Ebay
    Good old e-bay! Just search for costumes you are interested in and the size gender needed. Be warned that many are stores that are selling over stock. If you want the best deals use terms such as "gently worn" or "EUC" excellent used condition. This will make it more likely you are coming up with people who are selling their child's old costume.

    If you do buy from a store on ebay make sure you know your pricing very well, just because it's on Ebay is not a guarantee you're getting it less then the Halloween shop in town.

    Don't be afraid to be specific...if you found a costume you like in Lillian Vernon catalog...add that to the search Vernon Sock Hop Costume size 6
  4. Thrift Stores
    Most thrift stores are jam packed at this time of year with used costumes and "over stock" costumes all priced lower then you'd find at the costume shop! If possible have your child try the costume on first and be aware of the return policy!
  5. Shop end of season sale:
    Yes, I know we have no idea what our children will be into next Halloween. I've just learned Hannah Montana is out and Lady Gaga is in....I would not have guessed such a turn-around last year at this time!

    With that said if you play your cards right you can get costumes after Halloween for 75% to 90% that price you can pick up a couple and keep your fingers crossed that your choice will "fly" the next year....if not? Well, it will be a nice addition to the dress up bin!
  6. Make your own!
    You don't need to be a crafty genius these days to make your own costume. Most magazines have some great ideas for make your own costumes and your local sewing store has all kinds of products that make using an actual sewing machine unnecessary!

    Worried your child will turn his or hers nose up at a home made costume? Get them involved have them make or help make the costume themselves. Also, have them brain storm on way's to embellish or improve the other words have them bring their own ideas and creativity to the table.!

    This is not something you'll want to wait until the last minute for ....start perusing the magazines and web now for ideas!


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