How to Make Money Taking Surveys!

I said it before and I'll say it again....don't quit your day job! You won't get rich taking surveys but you will be able to make some "mad money", you decide what you want to do with it! Save it for x-mas, pamper yourself with bath and beauty products you would not usually buy etc...

With that said here are some tips:
  1. Create a seperate email just for your surveys. Most of these companies will send you daily emails with surveys you may qualify for and it can really fill up your "in-box"
  2. Sign up for maybe 2 companies every week or two. The reason being is most of these companies will invite you to take profile surveys. These are surveys that allow them to learn more about you and your family and make it more likely they will send you surveys that you will qualify for. If you sign up for too many companies at once it can be overwhelming! There are two companies listed below!
  3. Don't "over do it" can be easy to go crazy and take several surveys a day...however if you take too many you'll burn yourself out and it will be more likely you'll drop out of the program.
  4. Make sure you have enough time to take a survey once you start. Often they set them up in a way that you can walk away and finish later if you have to. But it's best to finish it in one sitting if you can, they get better results and you don't run the risk of losing 20 minutes of your time by a computer glitch!
  5. Realize you won't qualify for every survey they send and that it can be time consuming, I would not say this is "easy money"
  6. Work only with companies that have been recommended by others. There are companies out there that are not "legit" and will rip you off. NEVER pay a company to take surveys, you will never be asked this from a legit company!
  7. Keep in mind you may not qualify for entry right away, these companies have "open enrollment" times where they are looking for a specific demographic if you don't make it this time wait for another open enrollment and try again
Here are some survey companies I've worked with:

PineCone Research (this is an open enrollment as of 9/13)

One nice feature of this company is they will pay you $3 to your PayPal account for every single market research study you complete!


Wtih this company you may also be asked to "Test Products" which is always fun and you get paid to do it!


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