FREE Long Distance from G-Mail!

Do you like paying for long distance? Of course you don't!

Did you knowyou can get FREE long distance by using Google’s new feature to call phones from Gmail. And not only can you get FREE long distance to anywhere in the United States, but you also can call Canada for free as well.

It is really simple to get this set up:
  1. Create a Gmail account for FREE at (If you don’t already have an account)
  2. Login after creating your account
  3. Click on “Call Phone” under the chat heading on the left side of the page
  4. Dial the phone and click “Call”
Obviously this will require a microphone for a PC, but most laptops should already have it installed. Finally, check out the international rates as they might beat the rates you already pay.

Enjoy your FREE long distance!

Thanks Thrifty Couple!

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Anonymous said...

My husband left for FL. and he gave me a call thru Gmail and it was crisp and clear!

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