FREE Freaky Pet's First Fridays at Hallmark Starting tomorrow 10/1

Beginning on Friday October 1st, participating Hallmark Gold Crown Stores across the country will give a free Freaky Pet stuffed toy to the first five kids who come into the store and say the magic phrase “Free Freaky Fridays!”

If you can't make it try again Friday November 5th and Friday December 3rd....there will be new magic code words for those days so I'll keep you updated!

Do these people not realize Kid's have school on Fridays? Could they not have done this on a Saturday?

Thanks Good Deal Mama!


Amber said...

My son actually got one of these! We weren't at the mall until 6pm. Only one other person redeemed one. They are different then what was pictured. I guess they will be doing this the first friday of november and december. :)

Rita said...

I got one also, got in the door about 10 minutes after they opened fully expecting to be too late...can't believe you got one at 6pm...congrats!

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