Chicagoans - Buyzooka is offering up another "Freezooka" $25 worth at the Grotto for $0

Wow...Buyzooka is once again offering up a great "Freezooka" You can get $25 worth of food and beverages at the Grotto in Oak Brook for $0....yes FREE!

These "Freezookas" are limited to a certain quantity then they're gone so if you're interested act now!

Here's the Particulars:
  • Voucher expires 12/31/2010
  • Good for one visit
  • Valid Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
  • One voucher per table
  • Live music on the patio available
Go here for the deal --->
The Grotto Web site


Anonymous said...

This seems too good to be true, especially if it can be used for lunch!

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