I'm Having a Crappy Day Giveaway! You could win a $10 Starbucks Card!

I'm having a total "Crap Ass" day! And to celebrate I'm giving away a $10 Starbucks Card! Please feel free to forward this post to anyone you know who's having a Crappy Day!

Only those who are also having a "Crappy" Day may enter. How do you win? If I deem your day to be even crappier then mine....YOU WIN! But you'll have your work cut out for you!

Just comment to this email with a brief description of your crappy day or email me at ritachick33@gmail.com I will be sharing the Winners description with my readers so don't send something you would not want to share!

The Giveaway Ends Tonight at 12am CST

Here's the Low Lights of my day:
  • I have been billed $2700 dollars for two months by my electric company. They are insisting their meter is not faulty and it must be "our fault"! I've been on the phone with them for two days. The only way our bill could be that high is if we were "growing weed" in our basement which we aren't....but may have to if we have to come up with that kind of money! (I kid!)
  • I had to go in for a "second look mammogram" in which my right breast was poked, prodded and had the life squshed out of it!
  • I ransacked the house for some very important insurance paperwork that needs to be received by Thursday only to find it in my daughters room...the subject of an "art project"...luckily it was salvageable! Now I have to overnight it!
  • I'll be leaving shortly for the dentist to have a filling repaired....I think I'll ask for Nitro....I need it today!
Theres more but it's all down hill from here....good luck....or should I say bad luck?


Auracounts said...

Well, I don't have a litany of bad things to report, so maybe it's not considered as bad as your day (I'm sorry for your day :( ), but aside from suffering from terrible, terrible menstrual cramps (TMI, I know), I lost my job due to downsizing. Awesome.

Tammy - Ladysavings said...

WOW! I'm not even going to try to beat that one! We did get rained out of the beach though:( However, we are at the beach so I'm not complaining:)

Jen Beedie said...

Sorry your having such a bad time. If the electric company is not being responsive go http://www.icc.illinois.gov/consumer/complaint/ and file a complaint with the ICC (they oversee the electric company. Believe me ComED will respond after. Good luck

Cori said...

Sorry about your bad day. I don't know what to say about your electric bill because mine was $145 last month and I felt that was high. As for your doctor visit, I hope everything turns out okay.

For my entry in your contest, I was stuck in traffic for two hours because of an accident and cars were trying to get out of the traffic by driving on the side only to block the ambulance and tow truck making it take even longer to clear the accident.

Bargain is the New Black Gal said...

You are having a sucky day!!

Here's how mine stacks up...

- I opened over $5000 worth of medical bills in my mail today
- I had an appointment with my therapist and the mere mention of what she wants me to work on this week almost put me over the edge
- I came home to find every pillow, blanket and stuffed animal in my living room in one big pile and my poor dog was stuffed in the middle (way to go MOM for watching them while you're baby sitting)!
- My husband emailed me that he has a meeting tomorrow late so he won't be home by 6:30 which is when I need to leave for a meeting so I have to find a sitter...already 3 strikes.
- Met with my Dr. this afternoon and she suggested I check back into the inpatient program for atleast another 2 weeks (which I don't want to do).
- And I am out of printer ink so I can't print any coupons
- I'm getting my period so I'm super moody

So...I don't know if my day was worse that yours...but it sucked too! And now I'm attempting to make dinner while my kids continue to make me crazy!

Anne said...

You are having the worse day ever!!! I really think you should just pocket the gift card and go to Starbucks yourself, although your luck you would just spill the coffee on yourself..I love your site and get so much help saving money..I really hope that your day gets better..and everything works out with the utility co..they are terrible!!

Bridgette said...

Wow... what a bad day!!

I had a pretty crappy day too!! My daughter has another infection and may have to be put in the hospital for it. We sat at the doctors office for over 2 hours waiting to be seen because they were overbooked with school physicals. Not fun with a 2 year old. Then we come home to a MESS. The neighbor kids decided to take the sand in the sand box and throw it all over MY house. Including loading the grill with it. YUCK!! So I spent over an hour cleaing up sand off my house and windows. And of course my daughter is crying because there is no sand left for her to play with.

Hope your day and my day is better tomorrow!!!

~Hooked on Bargains~ said...

Wow, what a craptacular day! Geez! Well, I know I can't even compare to your bad day! My "crappy" day consists of my 3 yr old son deciding to be lazy and poop in his underwear and that was fun to wash off in the toilet...so in one sense, it was a "crappy" day! Hehe. I hope your day gets better!

-Mary at Hooked on Bargains

Jody Rogers said...

You won't believe this...this past Saturday I rented a Uhaul truck, packed all of my belongings, including furniture, etc., cleaned the entire house I was renting and drove the truck, with my car on a trailer, two and a half hours to South Florida to my new apartment. In nearly 100 degree heat, I drove the truck up to the security gate and the guard says that there are no move-ins allowed on the weekends. "Surely, you are kidding," I said. "And you cannot bring that truck on the premises." With the truck due back the next morning and nowhere else to go, I made the two and a half hour drive back to the house that I was renting, waited three hours for the landlord to return home and had to pay one month's rent in advance to move back in. I spent the rest of the night and early morning hours on Sunday moving all of my stuff back into the house. And, it is Wednesday and I am still unpacking...Oh, and by the way, the rent that I paid for the apartment is non-refundable!! What a mess....

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