Hi from the Up of Michigan!

Hi we finally made it up to the Up (8 hour drive). We're staying at Taquaon Falls (I murdalized the spelling there). Would you believe I had to drive 30 miles to find Wi-Fi? Yep! We're pretty remote.

No that's not the only reason, as many of you know I have Arthritis and need to swim every other day or  don't move so well! We found a pool and wi-fi in the same place and I'm "soaking up both".

Don't get me started on the Grocery stores out here....there are none to speak of! We found something just a step above a "camp store" that means expensive and poor selection. We just found out we are 70 miles from the nearest Walmart or Target or any other type of "chain store" ie...affordable.

So the next time you walk into Target or your local chain grocery store bend down and kiss the floor!

I will try and post some deals when I can get my hands on some Wi-Fi!


Netta said...

Vacations have a funny way of helping us appreciate the
"regular" parts of our lives!
Thanks for you posts.

Anonymous said...

I stayed on the WI side up there last year. There is Trig in Eagle River WI. The store was the same as Jewel, except I heard they don't do the catalina deals. Sales were probably different too, but they had the same generic stuff as Jewel. What an awesome place to visit! We did not go up the whole trail b/c dh and I were carrying dd 2 yr old and a stroller. Still beautiful though!

stephanie said...

THe official saying is "say Ya to da UP, Eh"
have lived there or 5 years, very familiar with the local dialect! Enjoy the beauty

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