Hello, still in UP of Michigan

Hello all, sorry for the lack of "deals and steals" posts! We're still up in the UP and still very very far from Wi-Fi. I'm huddled over my laptop trying to see the screen through the sun-glare in the only spot of wi-fi I  can find around here!

We went to Oswalds Bear Ranch today and saw some adorable Cubs and some gigantic adult Black Bears. The Oswald family rescues bears and raises them on their 80 acre spread. It as a fun time and Chey my six-year old loved it and her begging and pleading in the gift shop paid off for her...it usually never works, like most parents we're immune to begging! But the money went towards taking care of the bears so I bought her a stuffed toy...I think she's still in shock that I actually caved....and of course now on her best behavior. That won't last! LOL!

We're off to tour the falls by rowboat!

I'll be back to posting if I can find reliable Wi-Fi at our next stop! I swear I'll totally be posting my butt off once we get back on the 11th!

Hope everyone is doing great and squeezing the last bit of fun out of Summer!!!


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