A Hell only a fellow couponer would understand!

AAARRRGGGHHH! I just got back from 11 days of camping - I want need to get out and shop the deals....(hey I admit I have a problem but there are worse problems to have!).

I was already to go out today and shop the deals....that is until my husband woke me up at 4am to tell me his car won't start and he has to use my car.

UUUMMM? Why would you not check your car the night before considering it has been sitting idle for 11 days? I very wisely did not point that out to my husband as I'm pretty sure his head would have exploded!

So I'm stuck here with no vehicle, about 200 pounds of laundry and a bored 6 year old.....who will no doubt remind me how bored she is every 3 seconds!

I could take the truck but it's still attached to the camper and:

A) I don' know how to detach it  
B) My husband will kill me if I even try 
C) I could drive the truck and camper to go to Target but I'm pretty sure the 2 or 3 cars I "take out" in the parking lot will cancel any savings/deals I've cooked up and end up as an interesting story in divorce court!

Just had to share as only fellow frugal junkie would understand my frustration!


First Time COUPONER said...

I feel your pain.. Sending some coupon love your way... I will not be going shopping this week because its a ozone alert in my area and I dont want to be the one car on the road for useless driving.. I would feel guilty so I fee your pain..

Anne said...

Oh My GOSH!! your husband sounds just like mine!! Last week he did something similar..left the camper attatched to his truck and our camper is a 30+ fifth wheel and let his dad use my van!! I was feeling the same way except I had my shopping done the day before..do you have any friends that live nearby that would take you shopping?? I am lucky to have brothers that live in the same town that will "rescue" me if I need it..I feel bad for you..do what my friend does when her husband is "mean"..make something he hates for dinner!! lol

Andrea Sommers said...

Shop online :)

liz said...

oh dear, take a bubble bath + call in a pizza EVERYTHINGS gonna' be alright ......thank you 4 what u do....liz

Anonymous said...

Yea, I feel your pain too. Got a 4 yr. old mini van a couple Saturdays ago, new to me and thought wow, now I can go to the store whenever I want. Got in there the Mon after I bought it and it would not start. Dead battery! DH fixed it all up, but that was not cool. I would just forget the shopping trip. It is not worth the stress and at this point I would try to look at it like, am I doing this for me or for my family and what would help my family more right now. :) Good luck!

Rita said...

Hi all thanks for the great advice...I was just going through "deal withdrawl"....I had plenty of laundry to keep my mind and hands occupied today....and ate oodles of Fudge I brought back from Mackinac Island...so all was well in the end!

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