Core Power Yoga - One Week FREE for New Members!

CorePower Yoga is offering you an unlimited amount of classes for one week for new applicants only!

Go here ---> to check it out!

Once the week is over, they are also offering a great deal for a one month of unlimited classes for $89 (at least in Chicago). Normally, the one month unlimited is about $130.

Thanks Couponing to Eliminate my Debt!


Nubia said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I'm tickled that I found something before you :) Thank you for all your tips! I'm still learning how to do all this stuff...glad I could share a resource.

BTW - yoga kicked my butt today!

Rita said...

No problem! If you want to catch lot's of stuff like me just spend entirely too much time nosing around on the internet! I call my blog the "black hole" sucks me in! LOL

Although I did not do Yoga today...I biked 5 miles and I'm just starting to feel to find the tylenol (I got it for FREE of course!)

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