Cheaters Weekday Dinner Idea - Poorman's Dinner Recipe

Recently I wrote a post on "How to Cheat on Weekday Dinners with Less Guilt" ---> In a nutshell you serve a huge salad and pile of fruit next to your "not so healthy" entree! I also included some of my favorite "Cheats" and asked readers to submit theirs!

Jennifer a fellow Chicago Blogger submitted her favorite "Cheaters" recipe below.

You can check out her blog here: Common Cents with Coupons --->:

Poormans Dinner

2 packages of Buddig or similar type beef
1 can sweet peas
1 can o cream of celery or mushroom soup
1 loaf of bread.

Throw everything but the bread in the pot and cook on medium until heated up and then serve over bread. Of course serve along side salad and fruit to alleviate any guilt or a lot of it anyway!
Do you have a favorite "Cheater" less then healthy but really quick/cheap recipe? If so feel free to send it along!

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