Back to School Booster Shots & Physicals on the Cheap!

It's that time of year again! If you are like me you start the Summer with every intention of getting those physicals and booster shots taken care of early then run around like a crazy person because you got so busy and kept putting it off until the week before school!

Here are some tips:

  1. Determine what shots, physcial, dental, or vision tests if any are required for your child to start school. You can do this by calling the school nurse or in some cases checking your schools web site. Keep in mind if you have not been keeping up with your child's shot schedule you may have to "play catch-up"

    Make sure and ask if there is a "timeline"....they won't always like to advertise it but some school districts will give you a small "grace period" on some of the requirements. So worse case scenario you may have a little lee way...but it is usually only on dental and vision.
  2. Get a copy of your childs immunization records, if you don't have one already. You really should have a copy of this anyway as you'd be suprised how often a doctors office loses these. Your doctor should be able to provide you with this.
  3. Call you doctor to find out how much they charge for the boosters your child needs.....then check with insurance and find out what is covered!
  4. One option you have is to call your County health department/clinic and find out if they offer the boosters you need. If they do you will usually pay a nominal fee. You will need to find out the dates they offer the boosters, times and locations. The earlier the better as the closer you get to the start date of school the more people will show up and they may run out of boosters! You'll need your child's immunization records to bring with you!

    You may also be able to get a FREE physical, dental and or vision test through your health would not hurt to ask!
  5. Call your School District and County Health Department to find out if the have a "FREE" Day. Last year our school district had a one day health fair, I was able to get my daughters booster shots, physical and dental screening all for free. That saved me hundreds of dollars as my insurance company would not cover most of the shots she needed! If you are lucky and your area is offering one, plan on getting there early as standing in a long line with a child seriously sucks, especially if they know they are getting a "shot" at the end of the "long line".
  6. Is there a dental school in your area? Or does your local community college offer dental classes? If so they may offer FREE or cheap dental to find out. Warning....they may already be closed for the Summer!
  7. If you need a vision screening Walmart and Target often have vision centers in their stores and are pretty moderately priced. Call your insurance company or your HR department if you are not sure if you have coverage for vision expenses! If you do they will usually partially cover a vision screening.
  8. If you decide to get your physical and dental done at your own child's doctor and dentist.....schedule now as the dates will be filling up quickly the closer we get to the start of school! You don't neccessarily need to go to a pediatric dentist as most family dentists are happy to do a screening.
  9. Make sure to have the proper paperwork for your pediatrician, eye doctor and dentist to fill out. You will need to hand this in at your child's school! You can often find a copy to download right on your schools web site!
  10. In a pinch you may be able to utilize a "Minute Clinic" for a physical. Call ahead to ask if they perform these! There are many Walgreens and CVS stores that have minute clinics! It should run you about $15 or so.
  11. Call your local hospitals some offer FREE back to school physicals....couldn't hurt to ask!
Remember: Bring your paperwork with you! You do not want to go to the trouble of taking your child in and not having the form with your for them to fill out!

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