All You Magazine Fundraiser: $0.83 An Issue & You Can Help Weimaraners At The Same Time!

Most of you know by now that All You Magazine offers great savings and Frugal tips! Most issues contain at least $50 in coupon savings each month, often more

Right now you can order a subscription for .83 an issue and help Weimaraners at the same time. I use to have a Weimie, sadly we had to put her down at the age of 6 due to cancer. I was heartbroken and am still trying to get over it!

Sadly with the downturn in the economy lot's of Weimies are being dropped off at shelters. Their owners are heartbroken but either can't afford to keep them or more often are moving into apartments after losing their homes only to be told "no dogs allowed"

This is happening all over the U.S and not just with Weimies but all pets!

So today I am very excited to give you the opportunity to get All You Magazine at a great subscription price AND give back to wayward Weimaraners, who desperately need our help. The money raised in this fundraiser will help us continue our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating Weimaraners.

Go here --->  and browse through all the magazine subscription offers listed. There are several good deals. Of course, All You Magazine is the best deal for us couponers! You can get 15 issues for $15 ($1 an issue) OR you can get 30 issues for $25 ($0.83 an issue)…that beats the cover price at Walmart by a long shot! You can also give gift subscriptions on any magazine…order now and your recipient will start receiving their subscription right before the holiday season.

Best of all! 40% of your purchases will go directly to Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue. So, for instance, if you purchase 30 issues of All You Magazine for $25, Wolf Creek will have raised $10 from your purchase.

Thanks for your Support - please visit the Wolf Creek Rescue Site to see how you can help!

Thanks to Julie from Frugal Shopping With Julie a fellow frugal blogger and volunteer over at Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue.


Julie said...


I cannot thank you enough for posting this! Again, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Weimie.... would that be her in the photo above? Such a beauty...of course, all Weims are magnificent! Thanks again for your help :)


Rita said...

No problem Julie! That's not her in the picture, I was in too much of a hurry to weed through all my pics and find one of "Kelsey" to post.

Thanks again, now we are giving consideration to rescuing a dog rather then getting a puppy from a breeder!

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