We're leaving on a.........Camper(?)!!!!

Things might be a little quiet around here for the next 10 days or so...we're leaving on a camping trip. I use the word "camping" loosely as we have a travel trailer with all the amenities!

I will be posting if Wi-Fi is available! But it's doubtful you'll see the bazillion posts a day you usually see. I'll be going through total withdrawl wondering what great deals I'll be missing out on. What can I say "Extreme Couponing and Deal Hunting" are my vices of choice.

Saddly my coupon collection is to vast and huge to haul with me, I tried the husband vetoed it. So when we end up in a grocery store two states from here I'll be shopping with out coupons,catalinas and a well laid plan for as little OOP as possible **gasp*** and breathing in a paper bag on the way back to the camper in between ranting to my husband about how much money I could have saved us if I HAD MY COUPONS WITH Me!!!!


Tara said...

LOL!!!!!! I totally know what you mean.... I went to Walmart with my Dad up at our lakehouse in WI and I was like "You can't buy that at FULL PRICE?! - I have a coupon for it back in Chicago!"

Have fun on your trip!

Theresa said...

Have a great camping trip!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a geat trip! We will definitely miss your postings. I am that way also; if my husband buys anything now I get angry and say I could have gotten that for cheap and/or free!

Spoiled...but Not Rotten said...

I have been "forced" to shop without coupons while on vacation before and thought I was going to have a heart attack! LOL. I feel your pain!

Have a great vacation!

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