On Air Conditioning and Murphys Law!

We're having a heat wave in Chicago....90's for days and 90's for many more days to come! And guess what we turned off our air! Why? No we're not masochists....our electric bill was quadruple + this month and one of two things is going on either our meter is broke or faulty or our air conditioner is sucking up mega wattage and is faulty! The electric company and heating guy are not exactly in a hurry to help us figure it out either.

Here's what I learned:
  • Not having air in 90 degree weather is reeaaallly bad for marriages!
  • If there is something wrong with your air conditioner you can be assured that a heat wave is just around the corner!
  • Sweaty hot 6-year olds make the situation oh so much more pleasant
  • No air during a heat wave is a great way to lose weight as you don't want to eat....but I would not recommend this as a diet plan!
  • The electric company are idiots all of them....and I'm not really thrilled with heating and air guys right now....okay that may be extreme but I'm CRANKY!
  • I'm giving serious consideration to sitting in my car with the Air cranked!
  • I'm giving serious consideration to blogging w/my laptop in front of the open fridge!
That is all I'm done venting......if my posts start to not make sense and it looks like I'm typing gibberish.....please send help as I may be having a "Heat Stroke"


Merissa said...

Lol, we don't even have air conditioning so when it's 90 outside its 90 in the house here or warmer. I use ceiling fans to keep cool and hang out in the coolest room in the house. Drink lots of water and I have cold snacks on hand(like frozen grapes) for when I want to cool down...well all that and if I can't take it I'll go jump in the plastic pool with the dog, lol.

Tara said...

I hear you girly! It has been so hot here! Thankfully my office is FREEZING! I can't imagine not having AC! It's so humid and just icky out today! Hope you're keeping cool!

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