Hey You Gamers! Play Ruse for FREE this Weekend through Steam

Okay I'm not a gamer, but apparently this FREEBIE has them all a twitter! If you know a gamer let them know in case they are interested or not if that person is your "game obsessed" Hubby!

From their web site:

"Ubisoft's upcoming Real Time Strategy game, R.U.S.E.  is hosting a Free Preview Weekend. Pre-load the game now and be ready to play when the free weekend starts Thursday, July 15th at 11am Pacific Time.

The Free Preview Weekend of R.U.S.E. will let you play a sizeable slice of the multiplayer, featuring new maps never played before. Play with 2 to 8 players, with any team or free-for-all combination, and with any of the 6 factions available in the final game.

During the Free Weekend, you can also play battles against the medium or hard AI for the first time. Select which nation your opposing AI will play and check out the strengths of each faction. Good luck defeating the hard AI!"

Go here to get started --->  Warning it's a sizeable download! The full-version of the game will be released in September.


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