FREE Gift of Kindness Cards

Gift of Kindness is a global initiative with one primary purpose... to inspire others to be kind, compassionate and loving to one another... at home, at work, and in every interaction throughout the day by practicing intentional acts of kindess.

They have introduced the "Kindness Card" the card enables you to present a reminder of kindness to its recipient.

Example of use:
"you pull into a drive-thru and pay for your order. Instead of just pulling off, give the Gift of Kindness and pay for the person behind. Sure it may cost you $5 but the simple act will have a profound impact on that person . It's easy, you tell the cashier you want to pay for that person behind you too. You then hand the cashier a KINDNESS CARD and ask that they give the card to" the person when they pull through to pay.

Hopefully that person will "pay it forward" and make a small gesture of kindness towards another! Like a chain reaction!

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