Prescription Coupons/Why to Save Them!

Went to the Doc this morning....and left with 2 new prescription slips. A few weeks ago CVS had a $25 Gift Card when you bring in a new prescription. Yep! Used both of them today (well I'm using one tomorrow as it's one per visit).

Anyhoo....that's why it's imortant to get several copies of those coupons when you see them and hold on to them, especially when you have kiddos.

CVS will take competitors prescription coupons as well.

Here are the stores you will typically see these coupons for:
  • CVS (in their ad or sometime the "magic coupon machine" will print one out

  • K-Mart

  • Meijer

  • Target (usually only $10 but hey it's something)

  • Walgreens (once in a blue moon)

People I've made $800 in Gift Cards in the past 6 months using new and transferred prescription coupons!

I'll be writing up a more extensive article on this and how to maximize your savings with Prescription Coupons so stay tuned!


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